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Athlete Day

The Athleties Day for cadets involves friendly sports matches conducted on Spring Athleties Day and joint reinforcement week of Army, Navy and Air Force Academy held in the festival period of Cadet's Day in May annually. Among them, the Spring Athlete Day is an event that is held during the Cadet's Day festival period in which all cadets participate in at least more than 1 event in order to instill team spirit and to cultivate a spirity of unity and the events are operated to foster the group and fighting spirit required in the army. A total of 7 events including soccer, basketball, volleyball, kickball, relay race and tug-of-war are conducted. The Athleties Day held during the joint reinforcement week with Army, Navy and Air Force Academy involves Athleties Day and events held in circulation per grade per academy and in KMA, sophomore cadets participate in 5 events including soccer, tug-of-war, basketball and others.