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Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are club activities that are held for 4 hours every Wednesday from 13:30, and it is comprised of 3 committees and 39 departments. Among them, the Culture and Sports Activity Department under the Sports Committee in which the cadets can take part in is comprised of 22 clubs in total.
Taekwondo club, tennis club, swimming/skating club, horse riding club, rugby club, soccer club, boxing club, Kendo club, handball club, baseball club, Korean archery club, basketball club, golf club, survival club, badminton club, table tennis club, Go club, weight training club, climbing club, cycling club
The cadets in each club have the opportunity to exhibit their skills and abilities developed over a year in friendly matches between clubs from other universities and civilian clubs during the Hwarang Festival period held in October or November and can participate in club competitions of universities and sports events held during academy festivals.