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Life after commission

Career path upon graduation

Upon graduation, cadets are commissioned as second lieutenant of the army after acquiring 2 academic degrees in Bachelors of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelors of Military Science. After commissioning, military education per grade is completed, executing as commander and advisors as well as acting as military specialists in key policy departments.

Depending on one's desire, commissioned education for masters and doctorate course can be received in domestic and foreign graduate schools. After graduation, the obligatory period of service is 10 years and depending on one's desire, one can be discharged from the 5th year.

Branch selection upon commission

Upon commissioning, male cadets can select 8 branches (infantry, artillery, armor, military intelligence corps, signal corps, corps of engineers, aviation corps, air defense) and female cadets can select 6 branches (infantry, artillery, military intelligence corps, signal corps, aviation corps, corps of engineers)

Education support after commission

Organizing courses
Item Compulsory education Selective Course Professional education Others
Contents Beginner's military class,
advanced military class,
military college
Advance English class,
2nd foreign language coures,
other army's commissioned
education, allied nation's
military education
Domestic and overseas
degree course
(masters, doctorate)
Overseas military officer,
PKO, KIDA, UN dispatch