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Leadership Development Program

Education program to enhance competence of disciplinary officers

  • Education to enhance competence is conducted on disciplinary officers to understand the disciplinary culture and to complement the necessary skills. This program introduces and teaches effective discipline techniques such as personal relations, coaching, mentoring and counseling skills.
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Diagnosis and evaluation of cadet leadership

  • The actions/value characteristics of individual cadets are diagnosed and evaluated and the results are utilized as discipine materials, leadership research and leadership education performance analysis materials by encouraging the behavior competence and value development as a leader through individual feedback for each cadet.

Research on leadership development program and progress

  • Leadership development program is conduced to set education objectives and to internally develop detailed programs according to the characteristics of each year in order to foster leader characters, to enhance the competence of leadership behavior, to understand oneself and others as well as to foster emphathic skills
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Researches related to leadership

  • Research activities in various fields such as research on the application of beginner officers in field forces and the relationship between cadet life and the execution of duty in field forces are conducted.
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Volunteering and reading activities

  • Cadets are engaged in volunteering activities to foster volunteering and the spirit of sacrifice as well as community awareness which are key personality elements that future officers need to be equipped with.
    In this context, supports for volunteering activities such as the provision of volunteering activity subject, institute and venue are offered.
    The list of recommended books are designated prior to the commencement of each semester and book reports and book reading contests for cadets are conducted.
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