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Production of base line data for discipline

  • Baseline data for discipline is produced by conducting aptitude evaluation to assess the qualities and abilities required for executing duties as a future leader of the army and for the continuous development, MMPI-2, standard personality test and psychological tests such as adult character test.

Cadet life diagnosis and research (survey)

  • Cadet life is diagnosed and researched through various surveying activities such as survey on freshmen, survey on graduates, survey on living status, survey on holiday, survey on adjusting to cadet culture and others.

Individual counseling and group counseling program

  • Professional counselors are always on stand-by to conduct individual counseling frequently and group counseling is provided about twice a week to provide an opportunity for cadets to overcome the personal problems by themselves for further development.
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Counseling education

  • Counseling education such as counseling skills, education for fostering colleague counselors, education on opposite sex, education on sex awareness and others are offered to cadets.
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