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Visits to Overseas Historic Battlefields

  • Korea Military Academy has begun to send sophomore cadets and above on overseas visits to other countries. Visits to overseas historic battlefields which is conducted to foster knowledge and global mindset as military experts involve understanding the war history, culture and history of the relevant region before departure and offers cadets the opportunity to themselves with values necessary for soldiers by visiting military sites, relics and discussing about the local military tactics after arrival.

    Currently, in order to acquire in-depth knowledge, sophomore cadets visit the ancient historic regions and historic sites where anti-Japanese struggle took place in China. Junior cadets visit Japan, South East Asia as well as foreign military for military activities while senior cadets go to backpacking trips to US and Europe in groups of 3~5 cadets.

    - Sophomore : China
    - Junior : Japan, South East Asia
    - Senior : USA, Europe
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