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International Education Programs

Korea Military Academy fosters global leaders contributing to military diplomacy by enhancing international insight as military experts of the 21st Century through international exchanges and symposiums.

Commissioned and Entrusted Education

  • Korea Military Academy sends cadets for commissioned training at foreign military academies to strengthen military and diplomatic activities and to develop its cadets into military eperts who are prepared for ever-increasing peace keeping activities, capable of leading the security environment and combat situations in the future. In addition, starting from the first entrusted cadet from Turkey military acadey in 2002, KMA is currently conducting entrusted training for 11 cadets from 7 countries including France and Japan from 6 months up to 4 years.
  • - Commissioned education in 6 countries : USA, Germany, France, Turkey, Japan, Spain
    - Entrusted education from 7 countries : Turkey, Thailand, Philiphines, Mongolia, Japan, Vietnam, Peru

Exchange visits

  • Between KMA and foreign military academies have been taking place since the 1980s. Korean cadet visiting a foreign military academy contributes to acquiring a globalized mindset and the promotion of Korea and KMA by participating in academic classes and exploring cultural sites and battlefields. Moreover, foreign cadets on visit are given opportunities to be acquainted with KMA, visit the Embassy of their respective country in Korea and go for a field trip to some of the symbolic sites of national security circumstances in Korea such as Joint Security Area of Panmunjeom, underground tunnels and major cultural sites. Such program has made an immense contribution to encouraging the amity and enhnacing the military diplomacy between the mutual parties.
  • - Exchange visits with 9 countries : USA, Australia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand

Hwarangdae International Symposium

  • Since 1981, KMA hosts Hwarangdae International Symposium bienally and is participated by key international military academies, military education institutes and private universities. As an international academic exchange program oriented to enhancement of academic researches related to the military and exchange of latest academic knowledge and information related to the military, it contributes to fostering military specialists and to the development of military academies.

International Symposium of Development of Military Academics (ISoDoMA)

  • KMA held the first ISoDoMA in 2007 to contribute to the development of international military academies. ISoDoMA is held biannually by its member academies.
  • World map representing member countries