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Extracurricular activities


The cadets actively participate in various extracurricular activities in order to develop their individual interests and temperaments. The activities are conducted weekly on Wednesday afternoons and the cadets have opportunities to participate in various exhibitions, performances, exchanges with university clubs and to exhibit the development of their skills and abilities through the extracurricular activities during Hwarang Festival.
The extracurricular activity department is comprised of academics, arts and sports and individuals can take part depending on their individual preference. For departments that require professional guidance, lecturers are designated while commissioned officers and guidance officers are designated based on the experience and leadership competence.


Organizing courses
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Academics Editorial Club, English Club, Japanese Club
Arts Oriental Painting Club, Caligraphy Club, Western Painting Cub, Photography Club, Drama Club,Band Club, Orchestra Club, Guitar Club, Cheerleading Club, Handicraft Club, Piano Club, Hearty Tea Club, Samulnori Cub, Broadcast Club
Sports Taekwondo Club, Tennis Club, Swimming/Skating Club, Horse Riding Club, Rugby Club, Soccer Club, Boxing Club, Kendo Club, Hapkido Club, Baseball Club, Handball Club, Korean Archery Club, Basketball Club, Golf Club, Badminton Club, Table Tennis Club, Ko Club, Weight Training Club, Climbing Club, Futsal Club, Foot Volleyball Club, Triathlon Club

Academic Committee

  • English Club

  • Editorial Club

  • Japanese Club

Artisitc Committee

  • Handicraft Club

  • Guitar Club

  • Piano Club

  • Orchestra Club

  • Western Painting Club

  • Photography Club

  • Hearty Tea Club

  • Cheerleading Club

Sports Committee

  • Boxing Club

  • Golf Club

  • Soccer Club

  • Rugby Club

  • Swimming Club

  • Handball Club

  • Survival Club

  • Tennis Club

  • Horse Riding Club

  • Kendo Club

  • Taekwondo Club

  • Basketball Club