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Cadet Uniform

Ceremonial dress

Formal uniform which was enacted in 1974 is worn during various ceremonies and events. Currently, the shirt of the uniform symbolizes Taegeuk and the white pants represent the Korean race. There is a badge on the front part of the cap and a white feather can be placed on the badge.

Formal uniform

It is categorized into summer and winter uniform. The winter uniform is dark grey and the summer uniform is comprised of white T-shirt and dark grey pants. The ceremonial dress is worn by cadets on various ceremonies, events, leaves/days-off and vacation.

Long coat

The taupe coat which is referred to as a long coat was designed in 1965. The long coat which is the cadet uniform embracing the memories of the winter vacation is a beloved uniform of cadets.

Work uniform

The work uniform which is worn mostly during the daily life is categorized into summer and winter uniform. Freshmen and sophomores are given 2 sets of new design while juniors and seniors are given 1 set of new design and 2 sets of old design and is worn alternatively on weekly basis.

Combat uniform

It is worn every Monday and during various military training and group running. Normally, beret with grade mark is worn and when armed, bullet-proof helmet is worn.


It is categorized into summer and winter. During winter, navy top and bottom sportswear with a black sports cap is worn and during summer, white T-shirt made with thin fabric is worn together with black shorts.