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Daily Schedule

The daily routine of cadets starts with waking up at 6 A.M for a morning roll-call every morning. After the physical fitness through a morning run, cadets receive academic classes on various majors, liberal arts classes and military studies.
'16 academic year schedule
Time Routine
06:00 Morning Roll Call
08:00~15:00 Academic classes
15:20~17:20 Physical Education classes
18:00 Personal time
20:00~21:20 Independent study
22:00 Evening Roll Call / Individual Free Time
The daily routine of cadets who begin the day with a morning roll-call consists of hours allotted for general academic classes and physical education classes. After the physical education classes, individuals are subject to personal time until 8 P.M.

During personal time, cadets can use the welfare and amenities or enjoy individual leisure activities and cadets can also make up for the academic studies in the library or in individual rooms.