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Eligibility for admission

As of March 1st of the admission year, those who wish to apply to KMA must be between the ages of 17 and 21 and must satisfy the following conditions.

1. High school graduate
2. Those who have been validated to have an academic background equivalent or above the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Clause 1
3. Those who have completed 12 years of education overseas

Grounds for disqualification

Those who belong to Military Personnel Management Act Article 10 Clause 2 Item 1

2. Those without sound ideology
3. Disabled person
4. Those who do not satisfy the specified physical criterion. However, the physical criterion shall be stipulated separately.
5. Married

Admission selection

Organizing courses
Item Criterion for selection
Priority selection Applicants with outstanding military aptitude including interview results and physical
fitness are selected in priority
Regular selection Applicants who have qualified the 2nd examination with outstanding overall performances in 1st examination, 2nd examination, College Scholastic Ability Test and high school grades are selected
Special selection Special selection for children of
Korean nationals abroad
Applicants with single citizenship of Korea who have studied overseas together with the parents equipped with outstanding scholastic ability and leadership are selected
* Those who have studied abroad for more than 3 consecutive years (6 semesters) including 2 years (4 semesters) in high school overseas

Selection process

Organizing courses
Item Details
1st examination Written examination in Korean, English, Mathematics
2nd examination Physical exam, fitness test, individual interview conducted