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Academy Song

Verse 1
동해수 구비 감아 금수 내 조국 유구 푸른 그 슬기 빛발을 돋혀 풍진노도 헤쳐 나갈 배움의 전당 무쇠같이 뭉치어진 육사 불꽃은 모진 역사 역력히 은보래 치리
Verse 2
아사달 기리 누려 여기 반만년 변함없는 그 기상 하늘을 내쳐 천추만리 바람결에 이야기 하리 백사 고쳐 쓰러져도 육사혼이야 가고 오지 않으리 오질 않으리
아아 영용 영용 이제도 앞에도 한결 같아라 온누리 소리 모아 부르네 그 이름 그 이름 우리 육사
Sheet Music
The Academy song was assigned in 1951 through the summer contest immediately before KMA was re-opened into a 4 year institute.
Out of countless number of participations, the song in which the lyrics were written by a certified poet active during the Korean War and composed by South Korea's first female composer, Professor Kim Soon-Ae in the Busan Refugee Camp was selected as the academy song.

The academy song which was assigned during the harrowing Korean War continued embraces the era and history stimulating the citizen's passion and love for the Korea Military Academy that was set to re-open as a 4 year institution. To this day, the cadets who would be leading the future army sing the academy song loudly, reminiscing the sense of duty as a soldier and promising to become elite officers who would dedicate and volunteer for the country and the army.