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Vice commandant
TI&E and Press Office
Hwarangdae Research Center
Legal Affairs Office
Inspection Office
Evaluation Management Office
Military Religious Affairs Office
Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching and Learning Support Office
  • Contents Development Office
Chief of Staffs
Academic Affairs Planning Division
  • Planning Department
  • Academic Affairs Department
  • Foreign Partnership Office
Human Resource Administration Division
  • Human Resource Administration Department
  • Human Resource Service Department
Planning and Operation Division
  • Intelligence and Operation Department
  • Logistics Planning Department
  • Finance Department
Service Support Team
  • Maintenance service team
  • Supplies team
  • Service support head office
  • Head office service team
  • Communication team
  • Maintenance service team
  • Building and repairs team
  • Army band
Military police
Army Museum
Dean of academic board
Office of Dean of academic board
Division of Education and Training
  • Education and training department
  • Administration department
Division of Human Science
  • Department of Korean Language Studies and Philosophy
  • Department of Foreign Languages
  • Department of English
Division of Natural Science
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Computer science
  • Department of Physics and Chemistry
Division of Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical and Systems Engineering
  • Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences
Division of Social Science
  • Department of Politics and Social Studies
  • Department of Economics and Law
  • Department of Military History
  • Department of Psychology Management
Commandant of Cadet Corps
Commandant of Cadet Corps Office
Faculty of Military Training
  • Military training department
  • Military training support department
Faculty of Physical Education
  • Physical Education department
  • Fitness management department
Leadership Center
  • Life Guidance Research Center
  • Leadership Development Department
Gender Equality Center
Cadet Regiment
  • Cadet Company 1
  • Cadet Company 2
  • Cadet Company 3
  • Cadet Company 4
  • Cadet Company 5
  • Cadet Company 6
  • Cadet Company 7
  • Cadet Company 8