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Chronological events

Establishment of Korea Military Academy (1946~)
Date History
1946 May 1st Establishment of National Defense Academy
Inauguration of the 1st superintendent Lee Hyung-Keun
Admission of 88 students of 1st Class
June 15th Renamed as Chosun Defense Academy
Sept. 6th Inauguration of the 2nd superintendent Major Won Yong-Deok
1947 Jan. 23rd Inaguaration of the 3rd superintendent Major Jung Il-Kwon
May 1st Inauguration of the 4th superintendent Lieutenant General Song Ho-Sung
Oct. 12th Inauguration of the 5th superintendent Major Kim Baek-Il
1948 Mar. 27th Enactment of the school song
July 29th Inauguration of the 6th superintendent Lieutenant Colonel Choi Deok-Shin
Sept. 5th Renamed as Korea Military Academy
1949 Jan. 15th Inauguration of the 7th superintendent Lieutenant General Kim Hong-Il
Dec. 23rd Enactment of the school motto : Allegiance to the state, affection for the people
1950 June 10th Inauguration of the 8th superintendent Lieutenant General Lee Jun-Shik
June 25th 262 graduates of 1st Class, 227 graduates of 2nd Class
July 8th Temporary shut down due to the Korean War
July 10th 134 gradutes of 1st Class in Daejeon
1951 Oct. 30th Re-establishment as a 4 year institution
9th superintendent Lieutenant General An Chun-Saeng
Enactment of the school motto : Wisdom, Integrity, Courage