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Superintendent's Message

A heart devoted to the nation! Eyes opened to the world! - 55th superintendent of Korea Military Academy 55 Chung Jin-Kyung
Welcome to Korea Military Academy's website.

I am the superintendent of KMA, LTG Chung Jin Kyung.
  • Cadets are the future of KMA, and KMA is the future of our military and this proud nation.
  • In the words of President Moon, "KMA's history is, in effect, the history of protecting our nation." As superintendent, I seek to uphold this honor and continue this tradition. I promise to educate elite officers who take the initiative, devote themselves to their country, and lead our 'strong Army, proud Army' based on their pride and self-esteem.
  • Feel free to share your thoughts on this website. As superintendent, I will always listen with an open heart. I will try to share your concerns and broaden my understanding of this community.
  • Thank you.
Superintendent of KMA, LTG Chung Jin Kyung