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Academy Flag/ Academy Badge/Insignia
  • As a flag representing Korea Military Academy, it was enacted in 1953 and symbolizes the academy in various ceremony events. In particular, the academy flag is passed on during the Farewell and Inauguration Ceremony of the Superintendent, symbolizing the change of command.
  • Blue background : Symbolizes the universe
  • Cadet academy badge : Refers to the Military Academy, the cradle of bulwark of the state
  • KMA words :Thick and concise font expresses the firm military academy's spirit to foster elite defense officers
Flag/Badge/Troop Mark-Enactment in 1953
Academy Badget
  • As a sign that symbolizes the purpose and ideology of Korea Military Academy in fostering elite officers to devote to the country, it was enacted in 1953. It is attached to the cadet's cap and work cap and is used as a badget representing Korea Military Academy.
  • Taegeuk : Symbolizes the Republic of Korea
  • White triarch :Expresses the territory and people of Samcheon-riy
  • Star : Refers to the fostering elite officers of the Army
  • Laurel and ribbon : Refers to honor, victory, solidarity and cohesion
  • White cross of the shield : Expresses martial patriotic spirit
Badge-Enactment in 1953
  • As a mark that reveals one's affiliation to the Korea Military Academy, it was enacted in 1947. It is attached to the left sholder of the military uniform worn by cadents and the academy's military personnel.
  • Green background : Symbolizes the Army
  • Korea Military Academy words : Font symbolizes the powerful spirit of the Military Academy
  • White circle : Symbolizes the solidarity and unity of Military Academy people or the wish for unification
Shoulder sleeve-Enactment in 1947