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KMA Rally Chant

KMA Rally Chant, Mul-Aca was created by General Lee Dong Hee (11th Class) during his cadet days in 1933 together with his classmates. Mul-Aca is a combination of the first letters of ‘Military” and “Academy”, the pronunciation of US military personnel teaching cadets English. Mul-Aca emphasizes the strong convicton of KMA must win spirit as well as magnanimity and inclusiveness and is a combination of Korean, English, Latin, German and Chinese, containing the central values of Hwarang-do and knighthood. Mul-Aca is sung to express unity and victory and to this day, Mul-Aca always appears in occasions where KMA people get together and acts as a glue to create a feeling of togetherness and unitedness, singing by shaking the right hand up and down.
  • Original text
  • Mulac, Veni, Vidi, Vici
    Uccen, M. A. Vital Vigor
    Kashukkara, Leben, Saja Horangna
    Caress Caress, Yuksa, Yuksa
  • Translation
  • Soldier! You've come! You've seen! You've won!
    Tough and strong soldier! Charge forward strongly and bravely and crush it all!
    However, spare those who surrender like lion or tiger!
    My love, soldier! My love, soldier!
  • Veni Vidi Vici : Famous Latin quote that Caesar sent to the Senate after winning the war with King Pharnaces II
  • M. A : Abbreviation of Military Academy
  • Vital Vigor : English adjective indicating vitality and vigor
  • Kashukkara : Korean word meaning “Defeat by charging towards the enemy
  • Leben : German word meaning “sparing those who surrender
  • Saja Horangna : Lion or tiger who are brave but demonstrates clemency to the weak
  • Caress :English word for loving soldier and considering them proud