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About Facility

  • Chungmu Gwan Hall

    Chungmu Gwan Hall is a new educational facility that was established in 2014 for the general academic studies of cadets. It is comprised of 2 underground floors and 4 floors and was named after General Choongmoo-gong Soonshin Lee and is equipped with high-tech information-based system and various digital information support systems.
  • Heungmoo Gwan Hall

    Heungmoo Gwan Hall is an education facility established in 1979 for military studies education. It was named after General Kim Yoo-Shin, a hero of Unified Three Kingdom and is equipped with lecturer rooms, laboratory and large auditorium.
  • Library

    The library was newly established in 1982 to provide support for academic information required in cadet education and academic researches.
    In particular, as a library specializing in military studies, it contains various military materials.